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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We want to let you know up front that Santa Fe Baptist is probably not what you think about when you think about Church.  We are simply different.

At Santa Fe Baptist you’ll find us…

…welcoming of all people without watering down Biblical truth.

…connected in a loving community that God uses to change lives.

…intentional about meeting needs and sharing Christ here, and throughout the world.

…relevant, real and refreshing people who passionately worship a supernatural God.


Whether you are just curious about church and God, or you're a committed follower of Christ, we want you to know you are welcome here.

Our goal is to make three things available to everyone:

Connection With God,

Connection With Service,

Connection With Each Other.

We seek to accomplish this in a fairly simple way.

God gave us the Bible to reveal truths about Himself,  us, the world around us, and eternity. Truths we could not learn any other way. So… to Connect With God we explore the Bible and trust its Gospel message.

God gave us the Church so we can serve Him effectively. Each member is equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve Christ. So… to Connect With Service we meet in small ministry groups (10AM). We pray together, plan together, work together, and discuss the truths we explored together.

God gave us Jesus Christ to reconcile us to Himself, and equip us to make a difference in this world. To Connect With Each Other we worship, pray, learn, discuss, serve, and grow together… in love.